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Regular Table Looms

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The Regular Table Loom is sturdy loom available in a wide range of sizes.  The 12" weaving width model is ideal for workshops and classes, vacations, and as a home sampler. The folding ability of this loom makes it a compact traveler which fits easily on a luggage cart.  The larger sizes - 18", 22", 28" weaving widths - are ideal for the beginning weaver or the weaver with limited space.  Many convenient features means that you can have a loom designed to perform.  Add the loom stand and you have a great loom conveniently positioned for years of comfortable weaving.

All 4 and 8 harness table looms include the folding option; the 12 harness table looms cannot fold.

Available sizes: 12" and 18" (4 or 8 harness)    22" and 28" (8 or 12 harness)


Photo of 12" 8 Harness sample loom.  12" 8 harness Regular Table Loom

Shown above is the Mountain Loom 12" 8 harness regular folding table loom . All the features that make the Mountain Loom so popular are included on this stout little loom: Swinging beater, large shed, solid maple construction, tough ratchets, and stainless steel parts throughout.

Photo of 12" sampler folded loom.  Folded Table Loom

The loom is designed to fold with the warp on on or off the loom. To fold the loom, the warp is released, then four quick-release pins and four thumbscrews are removed. Next, the castle is "folded" down into the loom frame. Finally, four thumbscrews are replaced thus locking the castle into the loom frame for travel.

The folded loom travels easily on any small luggage cart, and will fit into just about any car.

Sorry, warp not included.



18-8 Regular Loom Photo 18" 8 harness Regular Table Loom

The 18" 8 harness regular table loom (old version non-folding) is shown above. Again, this loom is ideal for general use, workshops, and expert weavers with space limitations. The swinging beater, which is standard on all our table looms, keeps the reed perpendicular to the warp at all times. This helps ensure that the weft is not beaten "up" or "down" into the cloth - just another reason why Mountain Loom helps you deliver your best!.  All our 4 and 8 harness table looms are folding models.

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