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The Scrapbook

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These are just some photos of recent "goings on" around Mountain Loom Company that you might find amusing and interesting.  This page will change from time to time.  If any readers would like to contribute an appropriate photo, please email to  Thanks!



A rare 15" snowfall in Southwest Washington, January 2, 2004. We all went out to play in the snow with the dogs, Wallace (the little one) and Gromit (the big one).


John & Rebecca in front of the Columbia Theater.
 Rebecca plays her flute in the Longview Youth Symphony and John  volunteers his time to assist the players in the Trumpet section.  He plays a pretty mean trumpet himself.

Mother's Day: Rebecca, Irene & Joyce; John & girls;
and Barb enjoying her "cuppa" and her new business Jolly Good Tea & Gifts

WINTER 2001-2002:

WinterScene2001 small.jpg (2239 bytes)
 It's winter at White Pass, just a ways up the road from Mountain Loom Company.

Barbie&Joan small.jpg (3491 bytes) Barbie and Joan (John's mom) share laughs on Xmas day.

BeccaXmas small.jpg (4021 bytes) Rebecca gets a gift!

Irene&Joyce small.jpg (3507 bytes) Irene and Joyce are figuring out that new toy.

IreneBecca-Snow small.jpg (6508 bytes) Irene and Rebecca after a day playing in the snow.


Easter, 2001:

The Gang at CA small.JPG (19742 bytes) The gang leaves sunny Washington to go to Disney's California Adventure in the rain...

Irene & Becca Glam Shot small.JPG (23459 bytes) Happy Easter from Rebecca and Irene!

AROUND THE SHOP, Winter 2000:

Big Dog Little Dog small.JPG (9476 bytes) That's Irene, Gromit (big dog), Wallace (Little Dog)

Barb & Joyce small.JPG (9281 bytes) Barb & Joyce enjoy a visit with Father Christmas at Leavenworth, Washington.

John at Leavenworth small.JPG (6852 bytes) Your Fearless loom-maker enjoys a sunny winter day at Leavenworth, WA.

Irene, Becca, Tree small.JPG (7810 bytes) Rebecca & Irene, future weavers, share a moment in front of the Christmas tree.



Tapestry looms with Nancy Harvey small.JPG (12961 bytes)     "THE" Nancy Harvey teaching a class using  MLC Tapestry Looms.

Tapestry looms in Atlanta class small.JPG (11157 bytes)     MLC Tapestry looms in class at Atlanta '98.

John with folded loom small.JPG (14606 bytes)    John poses with a folded transportable floor loom on a HOT Sunday afternoon.



CB Barb and Mrs Hirai small.JPG (9858 bytes)    Mrs. Kazuko Hirai and Barb Mack watch Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.

CB Mrs Hirai and friend small.JPG (9624 bytes)     Mrs. Kazuko Hirai and Kimiko Shintaku wear beautiful kimono with kumihimo obi.

CB Lots of Maru Dai small.JPG (11191 bytes)    Lots of MLC marudai are used at kumihimo demostration. This is a big hit with kids.

CB folks and kakudai small.JPG (12377 bytes)    This is a kakudai being used to braid another obi.

CB Lady at takadai small.JPG (12133 bytes)    A large takadai is being used to make a flat braid.

CB Close up of takadai small.JPG (8489 bytes)    A close up of the braid project on the takadai.



Japan Slide barb in training small.JPG (11188 bytes)     Barbara receiving training on the ayatakedai in Mie, Japan.

Japan slide kumi doll small.JPG (10595 bytes)    A fantastic Japanese doll made completely from kumihimo silk braiding.

Japan Slide Obashiya gang small.JPG (9988 bytes)     The Hirai family, suppliers of Obashiya silk to Mountain Loom Company.   That's Ayako, Motoki, Kazuko, and Matsuji (left to right).

Japan Slide processing silk small.JPG (11393 bytes)     Mr. Kenkichi Hirai (Matsuji's father) is busy winding out lengths of silk thread.

Japan Slide working ayatakedai small.JPG (12553 bytes)     This is an example of the ayatakedai.

Japan Slide working takadai small.JPG (12109 bytes)     Mrs. Hirai at work on the large takadai.

Japan Slide close up takadai small.JPG (11562 bytes)     Close up of the beautiful braid made on the takadai.


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