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 Updated November 28, 2012


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Design Collections

Shuttle Craft Monographs

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Knitting To order call 360-295-3856

Celebrity Scarves, Abra Edelman,     $24.95    2 in stock
This book captures the essence of the Hollywood knitting circle by presenting more than twenty scarves designed and modeled by some of today's favorite leading ladies. From an eyelash muffler to a hybrid hat/handwarmer, each scarf is both unique in design and reflective of the creator's personality and style.


Corking, Judy Ann Sadler     $4.95    4 in stock
Whether you call it knotting knobby, Bizzy Lizzy, knitting Nancy or just spool knitting, corking is a fun, easy no-mess craft. You can make stuffed animals, hats, scarves, doll clothes, hair scrunchees, finger puppets and baby mittens. Illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy. This is a great book for kids and grandkids.


The Knitting Experience Book 1: The Knit Stitch, Sally Melville    $19.95    1 in stock
Inspiration and instruction to build your skills, wardrobe and confidence. A learn-to-knit book that's not just for beginners. Features: 25 go-for-it projects, the skills you need, the detail that matter, wardrobe-building styles and sizes, friendly advice, constant coaching, guidance through successful choices, and rescue techniques for common mistakes.


The Knitting Experience Book 2: The Purl Stitch, Sally Melville    $19.95    1 in stock
Become intuitive as your skills, wardrobe and confidence build beyond the knit stitch.  A basics-and-beyond book for knitters at all levels.  Features: 25 go-for-it projects, more skills you need, more details that matter, more wardrobe-building styles, friendly advice, constant coaching, guidance through successful choices, rescue techniques for common mistakes, and meditations on what knitting brings to your life.


Simple Knits With a Twist, Erika knight    $19.95    2 in stock
Twenty projects - which include wire napkin rings, an Aran armchair cover, and a net fabric bag - teach knitters how to add such creative skills as felting, patchwork, and beading to their repertoires.  Each project is featured in a full-page color photo and in close-up how-to shots.  For beginners with contemporary tastes and accomplished knitters interested in expanding their range, this book presents a world of amazing possibilities.


Maggie's Ireland: Designer Knits on Location, Maggie Jackson    $37.95    1 in stock
Maggie Jackson brings a fashion designer's approach to hand-knits and new life to the Irish love of pattern and texture.  The real surprise is that her fresh, exciting designs are easy to knit - as much fun to make as they are to wear.  Simple stitches create lines and blocks of texture.  Combined with traditional yarns (Irish tweeds and linens), a handful of innovative techniques, and touches of exotic fiber (ribbon, strips of denim, even fur) the variety is endless.  With over 40 exciting designs, you'll come for the knitting, but you'll stay for the coastal views, the historic ruins, and the Irish wit.


Weaving   To order call 360-295-3856

TABLE LOOM INSTRUCTIONS, Mountain Loom Company     $5.00    All In Stock
These are the instruction sheets that were sent with the new table looms. When ordering we will need: 1) the weaving width of your loom, determined by measuring the reed length  2) the number of harnesses, and 3) whether the castle top is flat or slanted (the board with the hand levers.)  You may mail this information with $5.00 to Mountain Loom Co., PO Box 509, Vader WA 98593.

A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving, Jane A. Evans     $28.95    1 in stock
This book presents historic Latvian household textiles along with contemporary projects that adapt traditional weave structures to create linens, coverlets, and rugs.


Beading On A Loom, Don Pierce     $21.95    2 in stock
Here you will find all the how-tos of beading on a loom, plus loom work history and a gallery of contemporary creations.


Best Of Weaver’s Magazine: FABRICS THAT GO BUMP,  Madelyn van der Hoogt     $28.95     1 in stock
The third in a series, this volume explores handwoven fabrics with marvelous and unusual textures: waffle weave, honeycomb, pleated fabrics, rib and cord weaves, seersucker and more.  Includes comprehensive drafting and design theory; details on fiber and finishing; techniques of controlling differential shrinkage for collapse fabrics; and 35 unique projects with complete, easy-to-follow directions.


Best Of Weaver’s Magazine: THICK' N THIN,  Madelyn van der Hoogt     $28.95    2 in stock
More than 30 projects by Weaver's talented designers give complete and easy-to-follow instructions for weaving drapable fabrics, for a multitude of uses: clothing, rugs, blankets, kitchen towels, table linens, scarves and more.


Handwoven Scarves, Interweave Press     $24.95    1 in stock
Selected by the craft editors at Interweave Press, each scarf is portrayed in full-page, full-color photography and is accompanied by design notes and a brief biography of the weaver. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artisan, you’ll find a volume of inspiration in Handwoven Scarves.


The "Handwoven" Index 1979-2000, Interweave Press,     $9.95    1 in stock
21-Year Index & Resource Directory


The Herb Tea Book, Susan Clotfelter,     $12.95    3 in stock
Sun tea, iced tea, hot and spicy holiday tea, healthful green tea and rich, evocative Indian chai - This book tells you how to get herbs, spices and tea into hot water together.  Try sunny "Six Lemon Summer Triumph Tea", tasty "I Believe I'll have Another Cookie Tea", or soothing "Upset Tummey Tea".  With 50 recipes from expert herbalists and formulators, perfect for gift giving, entertaining, or sipping with friends.


Lace & Lacey Weaves, Mary E. Snyder     $11.95    1 in stock
A compilation of 86 lace and lacey weave projects with complete worksheets.


Mastering Weave Structures: Transforming Ideas into Great Cloth, Sharon Alderman     $39.95    1 in stock
One of the finest weavers in America has written a book that teaches the finer points of weave structure in the same personal way a friend would encourage and inspire you.  Beyond selecting or modifying a draft, Sharon helps you make decisions about choosing the fibers and yarns you need to produce endlessly inventive fabrics.  Comprehensive and detailed, the chapters cover plain weave, twills, satin, waffle weave, distortions of the grid, three-element weaves, loom-controlled double-weave, Bedford cords and piques, loom-controlled pile weaves, and crepe weaves.


Theme and Variation: More Weaving That Sings, Nadine Sanders & Joyce Harter     $39.95    2 in stock
Since the original version "Weaving That Sings: Variations on the Theo Moorman Technique" was published in 1994, both Nadine and Joyce have continued to experiment with this structure.  This version keeps the best of the original book ... weaving exercises, succinct direction, clear drawings, and technical tips ... but adds greater emphasis on designing for the weave structure.  Includes CD-ROM with expanded photo gallery, the sounds of lush woven harmonies, video clips of techniques, printable drafts and design exercise pages.


Weaves: A Design Handbook, Eleanor Best     $19.95    1 in stock
Advanced weavers, with 8, 12 or 16-harness looms, will find a lot of useful information here.  Concepts are given - terse, but clear and to the point, but which do require study.  Once you understand the concepts, you'll understand many difficult multiple harness weave systems.  There is a large bibliography for those who wish to do further study.  163 pages, profusely illustrated.  Spiralbound softcover.


Weaving- A Handbook of the Fiber Arts, Shirley E. Held    $65.00    1 in stock
It is an introduction to the fiber arts for those with little or no experience in working with fiber who wish to explore the many facets of the medium.


Design Collections  To order call 360-295-3856

In each of these booklets, more than a dozen well-designed & fun-to-weave projects are presented in full color with complete weaving instructions. Many designs are winning entries from "HANDWOVEN" magazine contests.

#4 Outerwear     $4.00        1 in stock
For work, play, or an elegant night on the town. Sixteen original designs for coats, jackets, sweaters, and scarves for every season.


Shuttle Craft Monographs . . .Softcover booklets

To order call 360-295-3856

Handwoven Rugs, Monograph 29 , Mary M. Atwater    $9.95    3 in stock
In this monograph Mary Atwater giver her considered but biased opinion to get you started in a variety of techniques.  There are plain weave rugs, rag rugs, twice woven "Matta", picked up tufting, knotted, Soumak and tapestry type, overshot, Indian saddle blankets, Crackle, Summer & Winter, and two warp weaves on 4 and 8 harnesses.


Kumihimo & Braiding To order call 360-295-3856

Beads & Braids, Jacqui Carey     $39.95    1 in stock
Forty different methods of combining beads with braids are explored; each method illustrated with three different samples. The samples can be reproduced following the detailed instructions and diagrams.


Creative Kumihimo, Jacqui Carey     $29.95  2 in stock
Clear presentation of the basic information for braiding leads the braider to a new "creative" development. This author presents a braid structure not only in movement diagrams, but also a structure diagram that can be used to develop a color arrangement and the color set up.


Videos  To order call 360-295-3856


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